Nanoil Almond Oil

Product Name:Nanoil Almond Oil

Nanoil Sweet Almond Oil

Almond trees are grown in regions of Mediterranean Sea; currently, most plantations are found in France and Spain. Highly-rated beauty almond oil is extracted from the seeds of this very tree. If you go for sweet almond oil, choose top-quality one. Only then you’re going to get desired effect.


Nanoil Almond Oil is a natural beauty oil, gentle and  even sensitive baby’s skin-friendly. A perfect oil for face and hair care, cold-pressed, unrefined, 100% organic.

Each drop holds essence of what’s best in sweet almonds – that is the reason for Nanoil Almond Oil getting so popular among other similar oils.

Nanoil almond oil

In comparison to other nuts, almonds are highest in vitamin E which has antiaging effect and sweep aways free radicals. That’s not all, though.

Sweet almond oil has other vitamins (incl. A and D) and minerals, and most of all healthy fatty acids omega-9 (even 55%), omega-6, omega-3.

Almond oil is a universal natural beauty oil to use on hair, body and face. Incredible anti-stretch marks treatment, safe for moms-to-be and infants’ skin. It boosts moisture level, deeply nourishes, rejuvenates and promotes repair process. This oil holds the Ecocert mark, that is recognized certification given to top-quality natural products.


Nanoil Almond Oil works well both on hair and delicate, dry and normal skin types. It is a product for all the family – heaven for all who look for mild natural products, moisture boost and skin repair.


Applied to hair, body, face and nails, this oil works wonders. Pour a bit to your moisturizer or use as nighttime serum under rich nourishing cream. Nanoil Almond Oil equals the finest-quality so it’s going to upgrade every beauty treatment and therapy, scrubs, face masks, moisturizers, body lotions, etc.


  • Ecocert mark assigned to finest-quality natural beauty products
  • one of the most popular gentle beauty oils
  • ideal to treat hair
  • beauty oil for all the family
  • works for all skin types
  • highest reviewed oil
  • good value for money
  • 100% natural, holds out long, extremely effective
  • unrefined, cold-pressed, organic
  • all-purpose, ideal to enhance hair, face, body and nails
  • gentle, cut out for sensitive skin
  • nurtures even baby’s skin
  • cures skin conditions, improves health of face skin and scalp


  • available in just one size version (50ml)
  • unsuitable for low porosity hair
  • glass bottle may break
  • you must get used to natural scent of the oil

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