Nanoil Castor Oil

Product Name:Nanoil Castor Oil

Nanoil Organic Castor Oil

Castor bean is a plant that the most popular and long-known oil is extracted from. The plant loves tropical climate and it looks so lovely that many people like to have it in their houses as decoration. Its red spiky shells are the source of castor oil used as remedy for hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.

Nanoil castor oil


Nanoil Castor Oil is one of top choices among women hunting for best beauty oils. The product is organic, pure oil having the highest quality certified by Ecocert. Castor Oil by Nanoil isn’t only a perfect hair mask and oil treatment but it’s also a natural beauty oil to speed up lash, eyebrow and hair growth. Used for ages and known to our great grandmas, castor oil has made a comeback as this flawless all-natural treatment improves the looks of hair, lashes and brows. Its popularity is growing as it turned out to be an amazing nail therapy and OCM (popular cleansing method) oil.

Hands down Nanoil Castor Oil deserves the high rating it gets in the ranking.

This is natural cold-pressed unrefined and 100% organic oil – each drop holds the essence of what’s best in beautiful red seeds of castor bean.

Castor oil is extraordinary; organic fatty acid makes up 90% of its composition; known as ricinoleic acid, it cannot be found in any other oil. This oil also abounds in minerals and vitamins incl. vitamins A and E. The key thing is castor oil is very similar to human keratin and that’s what makes it a life-changing hair, lash and brow enhancer.


Nanoil Castor Oil is an ideal natural beauty product to nourish and repair weak, thinning hair which stopped growing. Moreover, it acts as outstanding eyebrow and eyelash serum and thanks to unusual ingredients, it works well for all hair types, including easily weighed-down low porosity hair.


Variety of uses is its unquestioned benefit. It is a thick, efficient oil which doesn’t drip off nails, it is a great hair repair therapy, clears product build-up and toxins away from scalp, boosts hair growth. Apply it to scalp, to wet or dry hair lengths, rub into nails to repair them, cleanse your face using castor oil in your OCM blend. This oil also works well as eyebrow and eyelash growth booster.


  • Ecocert mark assigned to finest-quality natural beauty products
  • one of the most popular oils getting rave reviews
  • 100% natural oil
  • efficient and extremely effective
  • unrefined, cold pressed, organic
  • all-purpose, ideal to enhance hair as well as face, nails, lashes and brows
  • the best beauty oil for OCM
  • contains unique fatty acid (ricinoleic), great for hair repair
  • encourages hair, lash and brow growth
  • inhibits hair loss
  • upgrades dark hair shades
  • works well for beard grooming, perfect beard oil


  • apply small amounts on fair hair as it has slightly darkening effect
  • thick consistency makes it a bit hard to apply
  • comes in just one size version (50ml)
  • glass bottle may break

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