Biovax Bambus & Olej Avocado

Product Name:Bambus & Olej Avocado

The slogan of L’biotica Biovax brand is “the highest standard in hair care”. These promises are not exaggerated. The company has received numerous prestigious awards and its products are recommended by Paweł Matracki – a hairstylist who won World Hairdressing Championships in 2014. The company deals mainly with hair cosmetics and is a recognized expert in this field. Lots of women and men trust and appreciate the brand.

Biowax often reaches out for natural ingredients, known and used for ages thus it doesn’t come as a surprise that it takes advantage of the blessings of natural oils. Biovax Bambus & Olej Avocado hair repair oil deserves our attention like no other Biovax oil.



It is a regenerating oil which has been created to serve one purpose: rebuild, strengthen and brighten hair. The hair is supposed to become more resilient and beautiful.

The recipe has been based on safe and natural ingredients. The good news is that the oil is free from: parabens (harmful to our health preservatives), damaging silicones or paraffin wax.

Biovax is also SLS-free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES-free (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) – chemical detergents which disturb natural processes inside the hair and skin.

The oil is enriched with three natural ingredients which are extremely beneficial to hair.

– Bamboo leaf extract (Bambusa Vulgaris Leaf Extract) – has been appreciated for its rejuvenating properties for a long time. It contains flavonoids which block the occurrence of free radicals. It slows down ageing processes as well as takes care of an intense hair colour and hinders greying.

– Bamboo shoot extract (Bambusa Vulgaris Shoot Extract) – it is a vitamin bomb which strengthens hair from its roots. It penetrates deep into hair to nourish and make it resistant to any damages. It protects hair from harmful effects of external factors.

– Avocado oil (Persea Gratissima Oil) – it has been used both in the kitchen and in the cosmetology for years. It conditions and restores hair. The oil’s task is to provide hair with a proper dose of healthy unsaturated fatty acids which lead to the recovery of hair cuticles. They are responsible for the efficient functioning of hair cuticles. It also stops splitting of hair ends.

Hair is provided with the proper level of hydration. It becomes smooth and far less brittle. The strands are shiny and protected from damage.

The oil is not dense and offers easy application. It does not make hair weighed down or sticky.

The oil comes in a small plastic bottle (50 ml). Sadly, it runs out quickly. The pump makes the application easier. Moreover, it allows for dosing the cosmetic.

The bottle is handy and has a nice green and gold colour. The application is not troublesome – the pump runs smoothly. Biovax Bambus & Olej Avocado has an intensive but at the same time pleasant fragrance.

The product receives very positive opinions on the Internet. According to them, the cosmetic provides full restoration and reconstruction of hair. The effects can be observed even after one week of treatment.


Biovax Bambus & Olej Avocado is designed for all hair types. The restoration and regeneration will be most visible on damaged and splitting hair. The manufacturer guarantees comprehensive hair regeneration. The oil is meant to rebuild, moisturize and brighten the strands. It will protect them from mechanical damage and take care of hair ends.


Rub a small amount of the oil in your hands to heat it up and apply evenly to strands. Preferably, apply the oil to damp hair right after washing. There is no need to rinse it. It can also be applied to dry hair to style and tame it. It will be perfect as an every-day care for hair ends.


  • affordable price
  • diversity of oils included
  • fast repair
  • lightweight formula, does not weigh hair down
  • paraben and silicone-free
  • SLS and SLES-free
  • efficient
  • variety of uses
  • hair ends care


  • small capacity; the cosmetic runs out quickly

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