Consumers, who decided to trust Nanoil products, know that the creators of Nanoil Hair Oil treat hair care seriously and professionally. Nanoil is natural, free of parabens, silicones and comedogenic substances. It is also tried and tested in hair care. There is a reason why Nanoil is renowned worldwide and has gained women’s appreciation. Nanoil Hair Oil comes in 3 versions: each is intended for hair of different porosity (in other words, different structure and characteristics). As a result, Nanoil is a precisely matched hair oil. It is the only one that arouses admiration among women who use it.


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Nanoil Hair Oil comes in a beautiful, black, tempered glass 100 ml bottle. The serum is very cost-effective. The consistency makes the application easier whereas the aroma is delicate and very nice, it lingers on hair. The pump applicator runs smoothly and eases dosing the serum.

Natural oils make up the majority of Nanoil’s ingredients. Their task is nourishing, protecting and beautifying your hair. They also regenerate the strands. The most important feature of natural oils is the ability to penetrate the hair and match hair porosity (external structure of hair). You must know that different oils are made of different particles. The trick is matching them to hair porosity. Nanoil and hair make a perfect duet. It is because Nanoil offers an ideal selection of natural oils matching a specific porosity. That is why Nanoil is available in 3 versions: each fits hair of different porosity. This is what makes Nanoil Hair Oil the best product that fulfils the needs of your hair.

Nanoil website describes in details three hair types, considering their appearance, structure, properties and porosity. Therefore, the choice of a suitable version of Nanoil doesn’t pose any problems. Women usually know their hair very well so picking a proper version is trouble-free.

Each version of Nanoil Hair Oil includes two unique innovative complexes (Kerastim and Baicapil) that are not contained in any other product. Kerastim and Baicapil are based on natural substances and not only boost growth and prevent hair loss but also add volume.

Kerastim stimulates hair growth whereas Baicapil increases blood flow to your scalp and stimulates hair bulbs. As a consequence, even the ones that are “asleep” start bearing new hair (baby hair).

Apart from high-quality natural oils, Nanoil products contain an array of vitamins and substances responsible for the beauty and health of your hair. These are the following: panthenol, keratin, lanolin and silk. Their task is moisturising, strengthening, rebuilding damage on hair surface, adding shine and bounce, protecting from harmful sunlight.


For all hair and porosity types: thick, weighed down, lacking volume, thin, dull, frizzy, damaged, splitting, dry. Nanoil Hair Oil is a remedy for hair loss and thinning strands that stopped growing.


You can use Nanoil in lots of different ways. It is an exceptional cosmetic that allows you to create an ideal hair care, unique and matching the needs of your hair in 100%.

You can apply Nanoil to dry or damp hair, before or after washing (as a leave-in conditioner). Feel free to apply Nanoil Hair Oil to your scalp or only to hair – from mid-lengths. Nanoil can be added to hair conditioners to intensify their action. You may as well spread it onto hair ends only (as a serum that strengthens the most fragile hair part). It also replaces heat protectants and smoothing serums. It boosts shine during stylisation without weighing hair down. Nanoil Hair Oil replaces lots of hair care and styling products. It squeezes artificial, dehydrating and comedogenic cosmetics out of woman’s bathroom.

Nanoil Hair Oil can also be used during the day, whenever you feel your hair needs a boost of nutrients or shine.


  • perfectly matching hair porosity
  • harmonious composition of exclusive oils
  • lots of top-quality conditioning ingredients
  • unique and innovative substances that inhibit hair loss and speed up hair growth
  • boosts volume
  • facilitates styling and beautifies
  • a variety of uses
  • a diversity of applications
  • suitable for scalp oiling
  • free from parabens, silicones and alcohols
  • a beautiful bottle, flawless pump
  • efficient, good formula
  • exclusive aroma


  • the beautiful glass bottle is a bit slippery; be careful not to drop it

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