Schwarzkopf Schauma Cream & Oil

Product Name:Schauma Cream & Oil

The Schwarzkopf company willingly uses natural oils in a variety of products. So if you are looking for cosmetics that contain oils, make sure to view the company’s offer. Apart from the dense, special oils, which not everyone is fond of, the brand released a light, trouble-free use, leave-in spray. What does it contain and how does the Schauma Cream & Oil work?



At the beginning, it should be noted that the manufacturer has rightly called this formulation a “conditioner.” It is in fact a very gentle spray of runny consistency. Its formulation is water-based. It has nothing to do with other thick oils that nurture the hair. Argan oil (Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil) appearing in the composition is not a major component, only a beautifying addition, among other substances. It appears in the composition immediately after alcohol and substances preventing from frizz.

The conditioner is designed to treat brittle hair and splitting ends. Owing to the atomiser, the light formula will be evenly and gently sprayed on the hair. At the same time, it will allow the particles to penetrate deeply into the hair. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all the essential nutrients will get to where they should be. Argan oil moisturises and nourishes the hair.

Provides protection from high temperatures, prevents frizz. It will make hair resilliant and glossy.

The product works best after washing your hair, because it makes easier to comb dry and tangled strands. Moreover, Schauma Cream & Oil is enriched with proteins, which take care of the condition of the hair and slow down the ageing process. Strengthen the peptide bonds between cells.

The conditioner will be an ideal complement of your daily hair care. It will not regenerate it, but definitely protect, tame and facilitate styling. It is ideal when you want your hair to instantly shine and look beautiful.

The packaging looks like a spray or lotion. The product itself is watery and smooth so the attached atomizer, facilitates its application. It has a very sweet scent – actually, a bit like vanilla. The bottle has a large capacity (200 ml). The atomizer sprays conditioner very well. In order to evenly distribute the product, repeat the application several times. Its efficiency depends on the individual needs and length of your hair. It can, in fact, be used repeatedly during the day, as often as needed. However, with extremely dry hair, it runs out very quickly.

It is a worrying fact that you can find a comedogenic substance and alcohol already on the second place on the list of components.


The conditioner is designed for the care of… basically all hair types. It is a great antidote for split ends, it will be liked by women who have long hair and need daily servings of protection without weighting down. Clearly improves the condition of brittle hair as well conditions and restores elasticity.


The conditioner should be used on washed and towel-dried hair, sprayed from a safe distance. The mist will evenly cover your entire hair.

It can also be applied daily to dry hair- whenever you feel the need. Well moisturises, adds gloss, improves the appearance of hair.


  • ultralight formula
  • very efficient, trouble-free application
  • moisturises hair
  • visibly conditions
  • perfect for the beach
  • gives lustre
  • facilitates styling


  • attention to alcohol in the composition

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