Do you know… Amazing facts about hair

Hair… If you think you know it all about hair, you are wrong. Read the text and learn a few amazing facts about your hairdo.

Surely, many of them are going to surprise you. Enjoy!

hair-care.jpgWhose hair grows fastest? Asians are the lucky ones. Africans’ hair grows the slowest. Europeans, on the other hand, come before the inhabitants of the Dark Continent. From seven to eight years – this is an average time during which hair grows from the bulb to the waist. Unfortunately, men’s hair grows faster than women’s and trimming the ends will not help ladies.

Is your hair thin? If it is, you must know that it lacks the most internal layer, namely medulla. The only living part of hair is the bulb. The rest is dead and has no regenerating properties. Hair follicles begin to form during the third month of prenatal development.

Do you know that you lose between 80-100 hairs during one day. Don’t worry – it is perfectly normal. The loss of far larger amount of hair can be worrying. A hair consists of keratin, water and other substances. We have more or less 100.000 hairs on our head and during a month each of them grows approx. 0,40 inches.

The phase of hair growth lasts from three to six years. The strands go through three stages: anagen, catagen and telogen. Can you believe that 9 in 10 hairs are in the growth phase (anagen) whereas 10% in the rest phase (telogen)? A new hair grows out from one follicle twenty times during a lifetime.

You have red hair? You belong to a small group of the society which can boast about this colour of strands. Redheads make up only 4% of human population. Interestingly, if we observe hair through a microscope, a straight hair has a round cross section whereas a curly hair has an oval cross section.

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