You should never apply these to your hair!

If you want to look pretty and have healthy hair, you must read this text. You will find out that not all products that you have been using so far are perfectly safe.

Follow the advice given by professional hairstylists and take care of your hair properly.

hair-care.jpgHair dyes.

Yes, hair dyes and other colouring products severly damage your hair. Why? They contain ammonia which causes dryness, weakens hair follicles and irritates the scalp. Hairstylists and many hair freaks believe that black dye can do most damage to hair structure. It is the most difficult to remove and strong preparations are necessary to lighten this colour. Use dark brown dye instead of a black one. You may as well try out herbal hair dyes. They have much lower concentration of ammonia, therefore they are safer for hair and scalp.

Strong purifying shampoos.

If you purify your hair and scalp with shampoos containing SLS every day, you make a huge mistake. Such products cause dryness, split ends and lack of shine. What can be done? Use a delicate shampoo; apply cosmetic with SLS only once a week. Conditioning hair and scalp with masks and conditioners is also a good idea. Such products restore shine, bounce and softness in your hair.

Cosmetic oils applied to the scalp.

Cosmetic oils are extremely popular in hair care. However, if they are improperly applied, they may do a lot of harm. Remember not to apply the oils directly to the scalp (castor oil is an exception). Why? They make hair oily; frequent use leads to excessive sebum production and dysregulation of sebaceous glands. According to hairstylists, oils should be applied to the ends or from middle hair length.


It is the biggest enemy of hair and scalp. It makes strands dry, dull and brittle. Obviously, when you style and fix a hairstyle, you must use a hair spray or other product with alcohol. In order to regenerate, moisturise and nourish hair which is destroyed due to such products, use masks, delicate shampoos and oils regularly.


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