How to take care of hair at the gym?

Keeping fit is still trendy. Nice silhouette, muscular belly, legs and shoulders. But have you ever thought about your hair while going to the gym? I don’t mean a hairdo which will be comfortable during the work-out. Taking care of the strands before and after the training is very important.

Check how to take care of hair at the gym.

hair-care.jpgWork-out is not only an opportunity to take care of your body and mind but also hair. You can give your hair a lot of care during one hour spent at the gym. How? During physical exertion the skin of the head and the whole body gets sweaty and the pores open. It is an excellent opportunity to cleanse and condition hair. Rubbing a herbal mixture into the scalp will be perfect to do it. It will enhance blood circulation in the cells of the skin, nourish hair follicles and smooth hair. An oil or mask works in a similar way. The products will take care of the strands and scalp very well as well as it will be easier to put hair in a bun, ponytail or make a plait.

If you are going to sauna, you must protect your hair from high moisture and temperature. On the other hand, moist and hot air will enhance the performance of a cosmetic that you apply to your hair. These two factors will make hair follicles raise and the pores of the scalp open. It will be easier for nutritional ingredients of conditioning products to penetrate into the internal structure of hair, providing instant improvement of hair strands, restoring split ends and conditioning the scalp.

When you go to the gym, jogging or work out at home, choose a hairdo which will be comfortable and won’t damage your hair. The comfortable hairstyles are: ponytail, French braid, bun. Use a hairgrip or hairpin to tame smaller strands. Remember also to choose gadgets (hairgrip, hairslide, ties) which won’t weaken your strands and will make you feel comfortable.

Wash your hair and scalp thoroughly after every, even short, training. This is how you will purify them from sebum, sweat and cosmetics that you applied earlier. There are showers and small bathrooms at the gym where you can freshen up after the work-out. You can take a bath at home of course. It all depends on the intensity of the exercises.


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