How to treat your hair? Proper hair care step by step

30-day hair care treatment? Here you go! Read carefully the instructions below and apply to the beauty tips and tricks. It is guaranteed that if you follow the steps and use proper products, after a couple of uses, you will be able to notice that your hair is prettier and healthier.

Check out how to change your routines and take care a proper of your hair.

beauty.jpgFirstly, hair oiling

For this step, use organic, cold pressed, unrefined oils. Only such products contain natural ingredients and have the best properties. It is very important to choose oils that will suit your specific needs. Take into consideration your hair porosity, scalp and hair type. Apply the product on damp hair and leave it on for about thirty minutes. Then, wash it thoroughly with a gentle shampoo. Dry and style as always. Perfect for such procedure are the following oils: coconut, avocado, flaxseed and sweet almond. It is a good idea to try out the properties of olive oil as well.

Secondly, gentle shampoo

In order to have beautiful hair, it must be washed every other day. Doing so every day might do more harm than good. It could worsen its condition and irritate your scalp. The question is what shampoo you should buy. The best solution would be a cosmetic without the content of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Choose products with natural ingredients, herbal extracts, oils etc. However, remember to cleanse your scalp thoroughly with a stronger shampoo. You should do it approximately once a week. This way you will get rid of remaining dead skin cells, sebum, dirt and dust. Additionally, it will regulate the work of sebaceous glands and eliminate dandruff. What is more, every two weeks devote some time to exfoliate your scalp. In order to do that you will need a special homemade blend. Prepare: sugar, honey and your favorite shampoo. Conduct a few-minute massage with circular motions. Then, wash it off thoroughly.

Thirdly, a good conditioner

The use of a conditioner is a step that people tend to forget about. Keep in mind that it is very important to use a conditioner on your hair and scalp after each wash. How to choose the most suitable product? Firstly, determine your hair type. If it is dry, brittle, dull, coarse and lack of shine, choose cosmetic with oil content. Avoid keratin, silk or milk proteins. However, if your hair has the tendency to go greasy, weigh down and stay flat, do the exact opposite to the above mentioned steps. Moreover, If you cannot identify the type and needs of hair, the best solution is to combine emollients and protein in your care.

Last, but not least, styling

There is no need to use hair straighteners, curling wands, sprays and mousses to achieve a beautiful hairstyle. What is more, hair that is not treated with hot tools and strong cosmetics is visibly healthier, stronger and more beautiful. All tools, gadgets and styling products that you have been using, replace with steam rollers, foam rollers or flexi rods. Blow-drying with the use of a large round brush will facilitate styling as well. Consequently, your hair will be silky smooth and glossy.



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