Problem: oily hair

It is a common mistake when people say that their hair is oily. Hair itself is not able to produce any substances. It is the scalp that is responsible for secretion of increased amounts of sebum. In addition, it is very important to realize what might be the cause of such situation.

We can enumerate many factors that may influence the problems with sebum secretion, for example disturbed hormone levels.

hair.jpgThe most common reasons for oily hair are in fact: improper care and cosmetics, too much stress and an unhealthy diet. Sometimes, we just simply do not wash the hair well enough.

We can start talking about a problem with oily hair, when the hair does not last even a day without washing. If you feel the need to wash it everyday because your head is ‘decorated’ with heavy, unaesthetic wisps – then you probably need to change some points in your hair care. We list a few rules that will help to nourish your scalp and bring back the freshness and lightness of your hair.

1. Choose appropriate products for washing. The common rule claims that too harsh cosmetics can intensify the production of sebum. This is the reason why you should reach for gentle shampoos more often. You can as well replace your shampoo with baby care products. If your head requires extra cleansing, you can chose stronger cosmetics but still silicone and paraben free. These substances only improve the secretion of sebum.

2. Apply conditioners and masks before washing. It is not true that you should not use conditioners on oil hair. On the contrary, that type of hair needs nourishing. It is only important to apply them on slightly damp hair prior to washing. Make sure to rinse it off thoroughly.

3. Oily scalp and dry hair ends. In this case, your hair will need an additional nourishing after washing. However, the product you intend to use, must be light and applied only to the ends. A good solutions are oils and mists.

4. Blow-dry your hair with your head facing downwards. Thanks to this method, you will lift your hair up and consequently, it will not touch the oily scalp. What is also important, is to use cool air flow. Hair does not like overheating which additionally, improves the production of sebum.


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