Hair loss – when should you start to worry?

Many women usually observe significant hair loss when they change hair care products: buy a new hair conditioner, change a shampoo, start oil or herbs treatment. It happens because when we change cosmetics we want them to work. We check if our hair is changing for the better and suddenly notice lots of hairs on a brush, comb or in the tub after bath. We start to panic that we lose hair. Meanwhile, falling out hair does not always mean a serious problem.

It often happens that we lose the same amount of hair as always but earlier we ignored it or didn’t notice.

hair-care.jpgWe should be aware that a falling out hair settles on our hair for some time – it is tangled among other strands and stays there until we start brushing or washing our hair. That is why, if we don’t wash hair every day, the hairs that we see in the bathtub will be the cumulation of hair from a few days. If you have curly hair which doesn’t require as often brushing as straight hair, the number of hair lost during washing will be even higher. Remember that we can lose up to 100 hairs every day. Another thing is the hairstyle that we usually wear. If we pull hair while putting it in a bun or ponytail, we can lose much more hair while evening brushing.

So when can we say about hair loss problem?

1. If we often brush it, even every hour, and every time find more than 20 hairs on the brush.

2. If we wash it every day and every time find up to several dozen of hairs at the bottom of the tub.

3. If we run our fingers through our hair and lose more than 10 hairs.

4. If we have noticed considerable thinning of hair – hair, pulled in a ponytail, has lost its volume.

Hair oiling will be very helpful while fighting hair loss. You can use e.g. widely available castor oil or reach out for Indian mixtures like amla or brahmi. In case of falling out hair, it is best to leave the oil on hair for 1-2 hours instead of overnight hair oiling – leaving hair without oxygen under the cap or towel will do no good to weak hair bulbs. During first treatments you should leave the oil for one hour. When the condition of hair bulbs gets better, you can extend the time. Horsetail infusion will also greatly strengthen hair that falls out. Sometimes the cause of hair loss can be hormones, bad diet or strong medications.

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