How to make your own hair perfume with essential oils?

Surely, most of us, at least once thought of creating their own, unique fragrance. Fortunately, in order to do that, you do not need to be extra sensitive to smells. The only thing you must do is to combine your favourite aromas. You might choose the ones that remind you of your childhood or bring nice memories from the past. However, this time, we want you to do something more original.

Try out these methods to create your own hair perfume!

beauty.jpgDid you know that perfume applied to your hair will last throughout the day? Thanks to this simple trick, your favourite scent will stay with you for a long time. Even the one made of a few aromas. None of us (maybe with a few exceptions) are professionals when it comes to perfume making. In order to fulfil our needs, we will need only a few drops of essential oils. Do not worry, this is only the beginning of your journey of mixing aromas and creating new scents. As soon as you master the art, you will be able to experiment with a bigger number of essential oils. For the start, five will be more than enough.

Begin with preparing your base oil. In this case, the best will probably be jojoba oil. Why? It is simple. This oil has almost no scent at all and is commonly used even by the biggest perfumeries to create expensive fragrances. Where and how you will apply your own composition is a matter of your personal choice. It is advisable to rub the mixture on the hair ends or to your entire hair. Another good idea is to coat your skin with the scent – after all, oils are all natural products that will bing no harm to your body.

How to compose your own fragrance? Before you start mixing the oils, apply a drop of each on a paper towel. This way you will be able to check whether you like the scent or not. Additionally, this method will prevent you from wasting too much of your ingredients. Apart from jojoba oil, you will also need: your favourite essential oils, glass, mixing bowl, bottle made of dark glass and a dropper. After blending all the ingredients together, leave the preparation aside for about two weeks. After that period of time, cool it down to zero degrees and then bring the mixture to room temperature. Your very own, unique fragrance is ready!


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