Most Interesting Facts From The Life Of The Hair – Facts You Had No Idea About

You wash and brush it every day, nurse it with conditioners and masks, braid and decorate with colourful hair clips. Hair conceals much more than it might seem.

Check what you should know about your hair.

hair-care.jpgDo you know that more or less 100,000 to 150,000 hairs grow on your head? Hair grows out of hair follicles the number of which depends on genes. 30 hairs grow out of one hair follicle over a lifetime. A hair bulb is the only living part of hair; it has self-regeneration capacity. It is perfectly normal that we lose more or less 80 to 110 hairs every day. There are three phases of hair growth: anagen, catagen and telogen. There is approximately 80% of hair in the anagen phase (growth), approximately 1% in the catagen phase (cessation) and approximately 20% in the telogen phase (resting).

Hair consists of keratin and water as well as pigments, lipids and minerals. Melanin, which occurs as a black and brown or yellow and red pigment, is responsible for the hair colour. Blonde hair is thick and thin whereas brunettes have strong and coarse hair. UV radiation stimulates hair growth therefore wait for summer if you want to grow your hair. Wet hair is able to stretch and expand, which is worth considering when you cut your hair wet. You should also remember that trimming hair will not speed up its growth.

Hair condition reflects your health condition. How is it possible? Firstly, the organism delivers nutritional ingredients to internal organs and then transports the leftovers to hair, skin and nails. If their amount is low, skin, hair and nails are not healthy and strong. Lack of proper amount of nutritional ingredients and proliferation of fungi cause dandruff. Unfortunately, you can contract this disease therefore you must not use somebody else’s combs, towels, hairclips and other accessories which are in contact with hair and scalp.

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