Taking a closer look at dandruff. What is it? Why does it occur?

We are dispelling the myth. Dandruff is not caused by lack of hygiene or improper hair care. It is a disease that you can catch from somebody for example when you use somebody else’s comb, towel or sleep on a pillow belonging to somebody who has the dandruff. Almost 50% of people has been affected by this problem at least once. Microorganisms from the fungi kingdom are responsible for the occurance of this scalp condition. The microorganisms are present on the surface of the scalp and do not cause the dandruff until they get in contact with irritation or seborrhoea.

Sometimes, endocrine disorders or not providing the organism with enough zinc or group B vitamins may also cause the dandruff.

hair-care.jpgThere are two varieties of dandruff:

1. Dry dandruff – it is a mild variety as it is not accompanied by any skin inflammation. It is in form of small dry white flakes which split off from the scalp easily. They settle on hair and shoulders. This type of dandruff may occur when we have extremely dry scalp or overuse invasive strong purifying shampoos. Alcohol, included in some hair care products, intensifies dry dandruff.

2. Oily dandruff – yellow flakes which appear on the scalp in large concentrations. It often occurs with seborrhoea and troublesome itching. It is a bit more problematic form of the dandruff which often requires a dermatologist’s intervention. Oily dandruff is mostly accompanied by strong scalp inflammation which cannot be ignored.

The dandruff often escalates in winter when we are exposed to frost and dry air heaters. Covering the scalp with a thick and tight hat can also have a bad influence: the scalp may get overheated. Anti-dandruff shampoos are the most effective cosmetic products which fight the dandruff because they allow for the best application of active anti-dandruff substances like ketoconezole or pyrithione zinc. They regulate functioning of sebaceous glands, have antimycotic action and facilitate separating the dandruff from the scalp. However, sometimes the shampoo is not enough and we should add suitable oils to take proper care of hair affected by the  dandruff.

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