What to do when your hair falls out?

Hair loss escalates in autumn. Level of hormones responsible for the condition of our hairstyle decreases. We provide our organism with less nutritional ingredients; the sun doesn’t have such a beneficial influence as in summer; we do less exercise.

So what can we do when our hair falls out?

hair-care.jpgIn order to deal with the problem effectively, you should first learn about the causes of hair loss. The most common are: imbalance of hormones, stress, improper hair care, deficit of vitamins and micronutrients, allergy. If you have been facing hair loss for a long time, think about doing some tests. If the results are not good, see the doctor who will prescribe proper medicine and recommend hair treatment.

What should hair care look like? Go for proper conditioning and get yourself appropriate cosmetics. Use shampoos which contain antibacterial, soothing, refreshing and normalizing ingredients. Choose a product which won’t make your hair oily after two days. In this way you will limit hair washing. Use a green clay mask once a week. The cosmetic prevents hair loss, regenerates hair bulbs and strengthens hair follicles. Remember about exfoliating the scalp before applying the mask.

Are there any other methods of conditioning hair? After every hair wash, use a mask or conditioner. Use a product which will complement the action of the shampoo and other conditioning cosmetics. Rubbing a herbal mixture into the scalp can bring equally good effects. Spread the mixture on the scalp and the entire length of hair. Leave it for several hours and wash away. Be careful: some herbal mixtures may darken or lighten the strands.

Can you use some other products? Apply a serum to split and dry ends. The cosmetic will protect damaged hair and won’t allow for further damage during styling. Perform hair oiling before every washing. Such a treatment excellently nourishes, moisturises and conditions strands and scalp.

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